If you would decide to settle in Singapore for long-term, you would be worried about new lives. but don’t worry, let us suggest some nice options for you. Serviced apartments and monthly mansions are popular among expatriates, providing clean fully-furnished appliances, reasonable rental costs. Below is about information of serviced apartments and monthly mansions for expatriates.

What is the difference between serviced apartments and monthly mansions?

Generally speaking, serviced apartment is virtually the same with monthly mansion. Serviced apartment is newly furnished with delicate furniture, washing machine, cooking staffs in the kitchen, and also maintenance for cleaning each room include as one of the services.The booking style is very simple, there is no extra charges for deposit and key money, and rental fee include utilities costs! This perfect condition will smoothly make your new lives start off straight after getting to foreign country. While monthly mansion provide with relatively short-term rental, serviced apartment is available to long-term stay, so if your stay is most likely to be long, it would be better choice to have a serviced apartment.

What is the best option to stay on business?

Unlike serviced apartment, paying per month would be costly for long-stay expatriates to stay at hotel, and you also may feel whole space of a room is a bit narrow. Serviced apartment and monthly mansion provide you with high-quality furniture in each room, this expect executive quality same as those of hotels. On top of that, there is enough space to have a house party with peers and it may be allowed to live with pets depending on types of the rooms as well. In terms of security, since there has a lot of people in and out of hotels for short-term stay, you may be worried about the security in hotel. Serviced apartment and monthly mansion, however, are rigidly secured, only settlers can in and out.

What services can people recieve?

Basically, most of the people find serviced apartment and monthly mansion after getting to foreign country and inquire local agents or real estate that you found on internet. however, just keep in mind that in many cases they can only speak local languages. Thus, you need to deal with somehow regarding language problem, it may be good to find a interpreter who generously support your contract process. In addition, try to find the ideal living environment on website upon considering the comfortability in community, access to transportation as well as residents living in the vicinity of your ideal region. Therefore it is highly recommended to plan ahead before leaving your own country.

At the end…

Living in a serviced apartment and a monthly mansion bring about benefits for long-term expatriates, servicing reasonable rental price to customers and best condition regarding security and household furniture! Don’t worry if you have concern to be off to a new start in unfamiliar environment. Laying out a moving plan in advance is very important. Feel free to contact Metroresidences if you would like to ask anything about serviced apartment and monthly mansion.


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