There are quite large Japanese companies in Singapore which has been burgeoned recently. Think about it, if you are commended to transfer to Singapore by boss, you may start thinking to settle there taking along your family. Singapore is the famous for high-educated country., bringing an advantage to children in education, also it is well known as a safe country in terms of public security. That is why it is very important to be ready living in for long period.
Whenever immigrating abroad, Singapore, you always need to take your family into consideration, in addition to think new place living in over there. If your company prepares for a dormitory to employees, that is lucky. However when you want to rent a house in Singapore, please make sure residential information at first, you must figure it out it’s slightly different rule from your country’s that.

Several Types of Residence

While most of the Singaporean people live in a house called HDB (Housing and Development Broad), correspondents usually dwell in a room called “condominium” in executive mansion.
Condominium is relatively high price compared to HDB’s price, but most of the the rooms are foreigner-friendly. One reason why Japanese correspondents prefer the condominium is that the mansion is furnished with kitchen and bathtub. Singaporean people do not usually use kitchen and bathtub. Just remind yourself of it before settling in!

Looking for a Property

1 . Seek for an Agent

Surprisingly, people rarely negotiate with a property owner, so you need to contract directly with an agent each other. Just be aware, depending on the agent, the negotiating content will influence on your rental fee.

2. Go a process of New Contract

As you would meet your favorite property and finally decide to contract, several costs will be required; contract fee for one month, deposit for two or three month, stump tax and agent charge are supposed to be paid. It is basically contract for two years, so if you have a plan to move out within two years, need to pay money back to a property owner as penalty charges.

Have a look serviced apartment!

This is a stepping stone to finalize your contract, nobody wants to get exhausted, especially in terms of contract of utilities or read over the detail documents.
Here is a suggestion to choose service apartment for people who will immigrate abroad in the future! Service apartment mean same as a condominium, with fully furnished appliances such as kitchen and bathtub in a clean room. Moreover, the room periodically has service of housekeeping. Everything will be sorted out!

As mentioned above, the rental fee is quite expensive compared to condominium room, however, it can be started over one month, which definitely benefits for those who are thinking about the long term business stay. In addition, utilities include rental fee without any cost of key money called “Reikin” during stay.
Therefore, there are some correspondents who use for three months until getting used to.

At the end…

Upon understanding culture of Singapore and your circumstances, let’s prioritize optimum decision for your family!
Several different types of serviced apartment will definitely fit each person’s need. for example, a executive room or a relaxed room get you cozy with children.

Do you know how easy you can look for this types of service apartment?
Feel free to ask Metroresidencecs if you would like to know more in detail!