Airbnb has gained its recognition at a stretch in Japan over the last few years. However, there are still a lot of people who are uneasy that have not tried using it. In this article, we will introduce some difficult cases that are likely to occur in Airbnb to those who would like to use it but still haven’t taken the first step yet.

1. I can’t contact the host until the last minute!

Although I have clicked the button “Reserve Now”, there is no reply even if I contact the host… I don’t know if my reservations are properly done… There are really many problems that can be observed, e.g. it is very edgy if you do not have a place for you to hold your luggage. Especially when you are in a foreign country, it will be frustrating if you find out that there’s no cafe nearby for you to kill time.

“Reserve Now” might be a useful function for you to confirm your reservation immediately, but somehow you will just encounter such situation that it’d be better to choose the type of room that the host will approve the reservation once s/he has checked the actual availability. In this case, you can confirm that you will be able to bring along your luggage and check in by the time!

2. I can’t even communicate with the host!

Though there is the amazing invention of Google Translate, we may misuse the phrases or words that make it even more difficult to understand after translating due to technical errors.

As sometimes we might not be able to speak the language well, when we couldn’t understand what does the host mean, we might ask the host to repeat all over again. There is a possibility that an impatient host will cancel the reservation that causes troubles to your journey.

If you don’t want to have such a disheartening feeling on a memorable trip, simply read the description of the room first and check if they are easy to understand. If not, then probably you should book another room that the host can write and speak a bit of your own language.

3. There is a sudden cancellation of my booking!

Even though the reservation was confirmed at first place, it might still be cancelled by the host as s/he has also listed the room on other sites that a double booking would be occurred. Another common reason is that the host has suddenly decided to renovate the unit that the guest can no longer stay there.

However, actually Airbnb rarely allows the cancellation of reservation as once the host cancels the booking, s/he will immediately lose his/her status of ‘Super Host’ and the rating of the host will drop.
We understand that this is certainly a troublesome issue to be tackled that we will introduce countermeasures in another article.

4. I can’t find my booked accommodation!

I can’t find the property even if I follow the map as directed by the host! The battery of my smartphone might not be sufficient as I have already read the map for so many times…

To solve this problem, we can take a look at the exterior design of the building or house beforehand and write the address on a paper. In addition, another problem might be we do not know the room number even if we have entered the building. Therefore, we should check carefully about the check in details before you set off.

5. The actual room is different from the photos posted!

There are times when the layout of the room is completely different from the one you saw online- It is much narrower than you thought. Moreover, the Pocket Wi-Fi can’t be used and the room doesn’t have a kitchen while there is a fully equipped kitchen on the photo……It might be totally different from what you have imagined!

In that case, you should ask the host properly. The host might not know that the missing furniture is the reason why you booked, or there is a possibility that the host is guiding you to another room. After negotiating with the host, if it has significant difference with the photos, please report to Airbnb and find another accommodation.

6. The room hasn’t been cleaned yet!

If the host cleans the room himself or herself, s/he mustn’t forget about the cleaning. However, there are cases that the host has forgot to ask the cleaning company to come before the next guest checks in.

If it’s the case, you should notify the host immediately. In most cases, the cleaning will be immediately done after the call. You may also choose the “Private Room” type where the hosts live in the same building as you do, that you can prevent these chaos from happening. It is highly recommended as the guest can contact the host instantly even when there is something urgent or irritating.

7. Poor Security nearby

In a foreign country, it is common that just a street behind a crowded train station, the security could already turn bad. Unlike in Japan, the situation may be changed depending on the street.

Do not worry even if you are staying near the station! What you can do before checking in is to search online for the reputation around the property in advance. If you find it too notorious, just pick another one instead! You may also ask the host to pick you up at the station, if s/he is available.

8. The room doesn’t have key with it!

If you are renting for a single room, it is not rare that the private room is not locked. If there is no key, many people might be resisted to stay in. Therefore, it’d be better if you can check with the host in advance if you are interested.

9. There is a theft!

Even when you are staying in an unlocked private room or a shared room, it is in fact rare that a theft or any loss of personal belongings will occur inside the unit. As Airbnb has the related regulations for guests and hosts worldwide, basically these issues will never happen. Of course, it is better to keep valuable items under supervision.

10. I might be caught by an ill-intentioned host!

Here comes the point that women are most concerned about. There are bad news that women who travelled alone and stayed in Airbnb have encountered something unpleasant. As there is a review system on Airbnb, hosts who are malicious would be eliminated accordingly, but of course, the system is not perfect that not 100% of such hosts can be removed from the list.

To secure your own safety, no matter how nice the photo is, don’t choose a room that is hosted by a male. It’s undoubtful that there are wonderful male hosts, but it is safer not to choose it if you are travelling alone or travelling together with your whole group of female friends. Since some male hosts will use female pictures as their profile pictures, make sure to read the review carefully and check if the host is really a female or not. Anyone who would like to stay under a safe environment at their Airbnb should all read the reviews before they reserve the room.


As Airbnb is a unique platform that offers you with a cultural exchange experience with different people around the world, it’s expected that more problems will emerge when comparing to hotels, etc. By following the above tips, you can be more confident that your chance of suffering will decrease. We believe that every trip should be tremendous, let’s play safe and make sure your stay in Airbnb will be a memorable one!

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