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And This time.We are guiding Supermarket in Azabujuban!!!


Azabu-Juban (麻布十番)area is known as a traditional shopping area which also has new, trendy and stylish shops.

There are so many choices to eat and shopping but this time we want to introduce you a recommended supermarket in Azabujuban!!




daiei - コピー


It is typical Japanese super market. So, this is the most affordable supermarket in this area.

  • Most affordable store/
  • Foods quality is good since Daiei is an Aeon Group company which is biggest retail company.
  • It locates in middle of Azabu juban.

Open (7:00am-3:00am)


Supermarket Seijou Ishi


Seijouishii - コピー

Notably, they carry a variety of imported alcoholic beverages or Imported foods that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

  • High quality yet it is affordable.
  • 3minutes from station.

The store open( 24 hr.)


Nissin World Delicatessen


nissin - コピー

Nissin world Delicatessen is operated by Nissin hum.

It is an international supermarket with more than 40,000 items in stock from around the world.

  • They have an immense selection of wineries yet price is reasonable. (On 3rd floor, hey have only wine)
  • Varity of exotic fruits and vegetables.
  • Halal meat is available

Open (8:30pm-9:00pm)

Nissin world Delicatessen:

Bio c’ Bon


Bio c’ Bon is very popular supermarket in EU.

Bio means Organic and Bon means good in French. So, the store has variety of organic foods.

  • Variety of organic foods
  • Import foods
  • This eat-in corner is available.

Open (10:00am-10:00pm)

Bio c’ Bon:

The Recommended apartment near by this area- The OAK | Azabu Juban

Offering 1-bedroom type in a high grade residential area for special promotion price!!

Only 8-minute walk to the Azabu Juban station with 2 train lines available. High speed internet, TV, 24 hour security system, bicycle parking, microwave・toaster, refrigerator, available. 2 minute walk to Azabu Juban Street with famous restaurants・bars and supermarkets.

Convenient for access to all parts of Tokyo using Azabu Juban Train Station (8-minute walk) using Namboku Line and Oedo line. Walking distance to Roppongi Hills. There are more than 20 embassies in Azabu Juban with many expats living in the area. In contrast to luxury residential area, you are able to experience the downtown atmosphere at the same time.

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