Around the Shinjuku Gyoen,Yotsuya-sanchome area near Shinjuku Station has a big park and has gained popularity as a residential area with a calm atmosphere. This time we will introduce recommended shops to live at Shinjuku Gyoen to Yotsuya-sanchome area.


There are several supermarkets, so it’s very convenient to live.

Marusho shokuhin (丸正食品総本店) is one of the popular supermarkets in the area. It’s located in 1 minute walking from Tokyo Metro Yotsuya-sanchome Station. It has a good selection of products, especially foods. There are many foods which are carefully selected from the standpoint of safety. You can shop with much lower prices on a “fish day” and a “meat day” every month. This supermarket has a good reputation for fresh meat because many supermarkets in Japan sell frozen meat. On the fish day it has a tuna cutting show and special seafood which is sold only that day. Also, Imported foods and wines are well assorted, so it’s good for person who want to cook foreign cuisine.

On top of that, Ito-Yokado in Shinjuku-Tomihisa which located 5 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Gyoen Station is also popular. The shop is a wide and fashionable, has a spacious grocery store. There are various tenants such as lunchboxes, yakitori shops and cake shops.
This is one of the biggest supermarkets specializing in foods in the downtown Shinjuku. Many kinds of fresh ingredients are displayed and you can enjoy by just watching it. It features that there are many overseas ingredients because Shinjuku area is popular by foreign tourist.

Maruei Shinjuku store (open 24 hours) is located within 6 mins walks from Shinjuku gyoen Station. It holds “100yen day” once a week, which enable us to get seasonal vegetables and fruits at cheaper price. Also, It has a great variety of lunch boxes. We recommend Maruei Shinjuku store when you don’t want to cook yourself.

Drug store

Dakoku Drug Yotsuya-sanchome store is located within 2 mins walk from Yotsuya-sanchome Station. In addition to medicine, there are daily necessaries, household good, grocery and s on. 100 Yen shop is also in the shop, so you can get almost everything you need in your daily life.

Sugi Yakkyoku Shinjuku-icchome store is one of the biggest drug store in this area. It has a wide selection of products related to health and beauty. On top of that, you can consult with shop staff about nursing care products.

Sun Drag Yotsuya-sanchome store is located just in front Yotsuya-sanchome Station.


Yotsuya-sanchome to Shinjuku gyoen area – There are many luxury restaurants and fancy cafés. Various kinds of resuaurants are gathered such as traditional Japanese food, foreign cuisine, and so on.
At French restaurant “Jude de Marche”, you can eat the original French cuisine with plenty of seasonal vegetables. The dishes by women’s chefs are popular among woman.
“Suzunari” provides creative Japanese food. There are about 10 kinds of appetizers, enough to satisfy your stomach. It acquired many repeaters by making guests’ eyes enjoy with beautiful dish up.

“T.” is a western food restaurant. Every dish is filling, especially meat dishes are recommended menu. You can spend a relaxing time drinking wine.

Besides, there are many restaurant such as French restaurant with a low price “C’est la vie Nagano”, Bijing restaurant “Zuien bekkan”, and “Kiboko” which is a restaurant for vegans.



There are many small shops, but if you want to go to a lot of shops at once, we recommend going to Shinjuku station or Yotsuya station.
Especially Shinjuku Station is the biggest downtown area in Japan. You will be able to find a shop you like. You can enjoy shopping at lunchtime and alcohol at Kabukicho in the evening.


One of the most famous place in this area is Shinjuku-Gyoen. This park is the remain
of Daimyo residence and its site area is 570,000 sqm. There are some gardens such as Japanese style, British style, and French style. It also has a lawn square and a greenhouse.
Moreover, there is a tea room surrounded by plums and some shops, which enable you to enjoy & relax. This beautiful landscape makes many foreign tourists visit.


Yotsuya-sanchome to Shinjuku-Gyoen area is well accessible to Shinjuku and Kasumigaseki. You can also enjoy shopping and sightseeing, so you will not be bored even in long stay.
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