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Emergency & DisasterJapan

What to do in an earthquake in Japan: Prepare-During-After

Earthquakes are one of the most unfortunate yet common natural disasters that befall Japan every…
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How to order pick up and delivery dry cleaning service in Japan
Essential ServicesEveryday Living

Dry Cleaning Services in Japan: Keeping your clothes clean at an affordable price

In a high fashion city like Tokyo, high-quality cleaning is an essential service. Cleanliness is…
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Japanese Alternative/Traditional Medicine and Therapy
Everyday LivingJapanMedical Care

Top 4 Alternative/Traditional Japanese Medicine and Therapy

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that our health is always…
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Best Side Jobs in Japan for Foreigners – Work Visa and Tax

Best Side Jobs in Japan for Foreigners – Visa and Tax

We’ll outline the best side jobs in Japan foreigners can find both online and in-person,…
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HousingJapanServiced Apartments

Are you considering a recent business trip or long-term stay in Tokyo?

If you are planning a long-term business trip to Tokyo after the pandemic will settle,…
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HousingJapanLong Term Rentals

Multi-generational Share House/Apartment in Japan | What is like living in?

Tokyo is a daunting city to live in. Whether a foreigner or Japanese citizen, its…
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HousingJapanServiced Apartments

Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan: Versatile serviced apartments to save your business

The coronavirus has hit businesses and industries hard. With the strict restrictions on travel and…
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